We are the ideal partner for creating your private label wet wipes.

With over two decades of experience in the wet wipes industry, abundant resources, and expertise, we are the perfect choice to assist you in developing and bringing your Private Label project to life.

14 Production Lines and 3 Facilities

Across our 3 production facilities located in the south, central, and northern Italy, we operate with 14 production lines dedicated to wet wipes, enabling us to efficiently meet all your product needs.

Research and Development Laboratories

We have 3 laboratories dedicated to research and development, ready to collaborate with you in creating new products and customized formulations, regardless of the product category, whether it's cosmetics, pet hygiene, or professional and household surface cleaning and disinfection.

Innovative Fabrics 

We are among the few companies equipped with all the necessary technologies to produce wet wipes with a wide range of traditional, biodegradable, flushable, and specialized technical fabrics.


The Eudorex Group’s Commitment to Reducing Plastic and Environmental Impact. The Eudorex Group is deeply committed to reducing plastic waste, and one of the main ways we pursue this goal is through our innovative patent, VerticalWipes!

Maxi Formats and Pre-cut Rolls 

In addition to traditional formats, we can produce wet wipes in large formats for special use cases and pre-cut roll formats. This unique flexibility allows for product design customization.

Tailored Formulations 

Thanks to our know-how and R&D laboratories, we can offer numerous pre-tested formulations for a wide variety of purposes. Furthermore, we have the capability to develop customized formulas based on your specific requirements.

Regulatory Consulting  

Beyond wet wipes production, we also offer regulatory consulting to ensure your products comply with all regulatory requirements.


We support the customer with our graphic design department for the creation or restyling of primary and secondary packaging.